Real Products That Exist: Sneakers With Detachable Mullets On The Heels

Because, sometimes (very rarely), dreams really do come true, Volley of Australia is releasing a limited edition of their sneakers that feature detachable Velcro mullets on the heels. Now I’m not sure which one of you weirdos dreamed of these, but you deserve a medal. Or a heavier sleep medication. Will the shoes make you a better tennis player? How could they not?! Plus all profits from the sale of the $85 Heritage High Mullet Editions will go towards Mullets For Mental Health, which raises money for mental health research to help prevent suicide. It’s a win-win! Or love-love if you want to keep up with the tennis theme. Although I don’t think love-love is actually a win-win, I it’s more of a tie-tie. *shrug* I don’t know, I don’t play tennis, and the last time I did we abandoned the game to shoot bottle rockets at each other and deflect them with our racquets until the cops were called.