Why wasn't I invited? Dangerous fun is my middle name! Just kidding it's Hite but still.
Throwing Smelted Iron To Become Fire Mario (Sounds Dangerous, Count Me In)

Because some people aren’t afraid to have a little dangerous fun, this is a video of Youtuber SUSHI RAMEN【Riku】and friends playing with smelted iron and pretending to be Mario. First Mario throws a crucible of the iron at a Goomba, then Luigi joins in the fiery fun and Mario throws the liquid metal into the air, and Luigi smacks it with a shovel. Good times. Now if you’ll excuse me, despite the clear disclaimer that “Hitting and launching molten iron into the air with a shovel is a very dangerous activity and must not be tried anywhere,” they didn’t say anything about smacking it with a tennis racquet, so you know where to find me (court six, just so we’re clear).

Keep going for the video, which is weird throughout, but the real action begins around 14:00, with the shovel smack at 16:10.