Why strut when you can CATCH A RIDE?! Back me up, Scooter!
Peacock Catching A Ride On Bicycle

This is a video of a peacock catching a ride on a bicycle, briefly making the rider appear to have a beautiful, flowing tail. You know, sometimes I wish I had a tail. AND COULD BREATHE FIRE. “You wish you were a dragon.” Every time it’s 11:11 or I blow out my birthday candles. Apparently the bicyclist and bird are both part of a group at Japan’s Kyoto University that raise peacocks. The group started with one student and four birds, and has since grown to 300 people and three birds. For those crunching the numbers, that’s +299 humans and -1 peacock. What happened to the other bird? Wait, wait — don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. Still, the odds of getting to spend some quality hands-on time with a bird did seem a lot better when the group was smaller. Now you show up to a meeting and there are probably so many people you can’t even be sure if there even ARE any birds or if the peacock club is just code for an orgy.