"Oh *laughing* hoo hoo, that's not good. We're gonna be uh...get outta the way of that."
Surprise!: Transformer Explodes Behind Meteorologist Reporting On Hurricane

This is a video of San Antonio, Texas based KSAT12 meteorologist Justin Horne *keeps mature, straight face* reporting on Hurricane Laura and getting a little surprise from the electrical transformer behind him when it explodes in a bright blue ball of wasted potential superpowers. Personally, I would have been hugging that thing when it exploded and probably wouldn’t even be writing this right now because I’d be too busy robbing banks with my newfound power of electricity. “Dream big.” It’s the only size dream I know. “You ever tried sticking a fork in an electric socket?” Knives and tweezers too.

Thanks to Clint, who informed me he was just happy to find out it wasn’t any of the Autobots that exploded. LOL — I get it!