Free Bird! Free Bird!
Full-Scale Gibson Les Paul Guitar Built From LEGO

This is the 1:1 scale LEGO Les Paul Gibson guitar with classic sunburst finish constructed by builder morimorilego using a variety of very creative techniques. Some more info while I air-guitar so hard I sprain my back then complain about it for weeks:

The body is decked out in layers of red, orange, and yellow tile and brick, with the pickguard standing out in vibrant white. Golden dishes and transparent yellow 2×2 round brick are used for the control knobs, and the output jack is courtesy of a system wheel rim.
The headstock has just the right shaping thanks to a variety of cheese slopes. The tuning keys make use of Technic pins and 2×2 round plate, but I’m not sure those strings are LEGO elements. 1×1 upright clip plates keep them aligned nicely, and 1×6 tiles for the frets are just the right choice.

Man, could you imagine smashing that thing on stage after a concert and watching it explode, sending bricks into the eyes of everyone in the front row? The life of a rock star, am I right? Now let’s go trash a hotel room! “Heck yeah!” Just FYI though we will need one of your credit cards for incidentals.

Keep going for some higher-res shots.

Thanks to my dad, who used to play guitar in such rockin’ bands as Future Daze Past and Texas Stud And The Posse.