Well it's about damn time.
Transforming Flying Car Gets Certificate Of Airworthiness, 2023 Production

Because at least some people still care about us seeing a glimpse of the future before the world ends, the AirCar Prototype 1 has officially received a Certificate Of Airworthiness, and the company plans to have production models available next year. But they are going to change the name, right? Because I don’t want to fly an AirCar Prototype 1, I want to fly an AirCar TriedAndTrue 5000. I’m not trying to die some aeronautical guinea pig. The AirCar can transform from car to plane with just the push of a button in two minutes. It can also transform from a plane back into a car with the push of a button and an additional two minutes. Of course you probably won’t live to see the end of that transformation if you push the button mid-flight. I say go for it!