I can't drive that!
Trying To Split A Car In Half By Dropping It From 150-Feet Onto A Giant Axe Blade

This is a video of the dream-livers from Youtube channel How Ridiculous attempting to cut a car in half by dropping it from 45-meters (~148 Feet) onto a massive axe blade. They also drop some other stuff onto the blade including a jet-ski, fire extinguisher, and a bunch of unopened soda cans. The car is really the coup de grâce though, which appears to have been filmed in front of a live audience of schoolchildren. Man, I wish I took cool school field trips when i was a kid. But nooooooo, we went to the water treatment plant and the smell made me vomit. “You shouldn’t have jumped in.” I’M AN ADVENTURER.

Keep going for the video, but the car drop starts at 13:45.