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Smooth As Silk: ATV Performing Steep Hill Climb

In the opposite of yesterday’s video news, this is a video of a Polaris ATV performing a steep hill climb in Kentucky. Or at least it looks steep from this angle, but it’s probably just an optical illusion because SPOILER: the earth is flat. Just kidding, it’s round like a marble and that hill really does look steep but maybe not quite as steep as the walls of my bathtub because I really did think I was going to drown in there last night after realizing I’d forgotten to bring a phone book to sit on.


Just a little steep🥴 ##fyp ##foryourpage ##rzr ##polaris ##hillclimb ##kentucky ##steep

♬ original sound – garrett_leet6.7

Thanks to MSA, who agrees sometimes you just have to close your eyes and stomp the gas.