*makes universal roll down window gesture* Excuse me but is this the path to enlightenment?
Beatboxing Buddhist Monk Performs Loop Machine Chant Remix

This is a video of 37-year old Japanese Zen Buddhist monk Yogetsu Akasaka layering sounds and chants all created with his own voice into this ‘Heart Sutra x beatbox live-looping remix’. Apparently prior to becoming a monk Yogetsu was a beatboxer, busker, and theater actor. Now he’s a beatboxer and monk. Me? I have always been and always will be– “A no-good scoundrel.” What? “A disappointment?” You know the whole self-deprecating thing only works when I say it, when you do it it’s just bullying.

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  1. Laithbot

    That’s some crazy soundscape, reminds me of some of the music from Oga’s Cantina on Batuu. I’m sure the Disney folk took a lot of cues from chants as theres definitely influence from traditional Mongolian music in Galaxy’s Edge as well. This guy is badass.