"I can't do it."
Two Girls In Car Attempt To Drink 16oz Sprites Without Exploding

This is a video from TikTok user taylahrobb and friend kaceymeehan01 each attempting to slam a 16oz Sprite without exploding (previously: this dude). They don’t do a great job, although they don’t do a terrible job either. Per Taylah: “My tummy hurts.” And Kacey: “I can’t do it.” Then she burps a burp from the depths of hell and Taylah spits up a little. 5 out of 5 stars they should play stuff like this before movies instead of the garbage they do now.

@taylahrobb The Best Bit@kaceymeehan01 #FYP #bratz ♬ original sound – Taylah Robb

Note: Video HERE in case your browser doesn’t do TikTok embeds.

Thanks again to JustA, who agrees if anybody can beat this challenge, it’s me.