Ukrainian Synagogue Folds Open Like A Pop-Up Book

This is a video of the Babyn Yar Synagogue opening up like a pop-up book. The synagogue, located in a wooded ravine in the west of Kyiv in Ukraine, was designed and constructed by Swiss-based Manuel Herz Architects (link to their website with a lot more detail) to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the massacres that took place there during the Nazi occupation of Kyiv. Some more info about the building:

“the pop-up synagogue comprises a pair of 11-metre-high walls that unfold using a manual winch to reveal its decorative and detailed interiors.

As the building opens out, a roof pops up to shelter a wooden balcony and seating area inside that drop down from within its walls.”

The walls are decorated with prayers and blessings, and the ceiling is painted with a star constellation representing what would have been seen in the night sky over Kyiv on September 29th, 1941, the day the massacres began. A beautiful reminder of the absolutely horrendous atrocities humans are capable of.