You'll never be ballroom dancers!
Smooth: Bridesmaid And Groomsman’s Grand Wedding Entrance Goes South

This is a video of a bridesmaid and groomsman trying and failing miserably to pull off a little flip stunt they rehearsed for their entrance at a wedding reception. Making an entrance: clearly these two know how to do it. Particularly if the goal of that entrance is to get everyone to point and laugh, then joke you behind your back for all eternity. I guarantee a year from the majority of the people who attended this wedding won’t even remember who got married, but everyone will remember this duo’s little impromptu game of Twister. I can only assume this bridesmaid caught the garter later that evening and these two will get married next, raising numerous uncoordinated children.

Keep going for the video, which does include the bridemaid’s breasts briefly trying to hold onto the groomsman’s arm for dear life before falling.