*resting hands on knees* Anybody else need a breather?
Video Of World Champion Hurdler With His Head Stabilized

Because the human body is a magnificent machine (except mine — mine appears to have been slapped together with the parts left over from Frankenstein’s monster), this is a video of world champion 110-meter hurdler Grant Holloway doing his thing with his head stabilized in the video. Some more info while I try to loosen the bolt in my neck using the wrong size socket and end up stripping the whole thing and not being able to turn my head until I take a trip to the mechanic:

In this view, you can clearly see how expert hurdlers don’t jump their whole bodies over the hurdle (like Super Mario or something) — it’s more that they just bring their lower bodies up over the hurdles while their heads & shoulders remain more or less the same height from the ground. There’s hardly any lateral motion either — very little wasted energy here.

Most impressive. You know I actually tried out to run the hurdles my sophomore year of high school and I tripped over like the third one and went down like a sack of potatoes that was about to scrape his knees and cry and I could hear the girl I had a crush on laughing and I ran all the way home and have remained here ever since.