Whooooa -- that's way too big, I'm moving to a village in the middle of nowhere.
A Visualization Of The Size Of Cities By Total Urban Area

This is a visualization created by MetaBallStudios (previously) of the size of various cities around the globe as measured by total urban area and not just “city proper (administrative) or metropolitan area.” There are some big-ass cities in the world! Honestly, I had a hard time even fathoming the size of any of them, partly because my brain doesn’t work in square kilometers. Or square miles. Or square meters or feet. My brain doesn’t work is what I’m trying to say. “You can say that again.” My girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen! She’s mad I mismeasured the bathtub for a new curtain rod and we’ve had to shower without a curtain for a few days. And, okay, that I ripped the old one down in the first place trying to do a pull-up.