Vanna's face says it all.
Wheel Of Misfortune Contestants Struggle To Solve ‘Another Feather In Your Cap’ Puzzle

This is a video from geriatric America’s favorite game show Wheel Of Fortune of the contestants struggling to solve ‘ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR CAP’, despite almost all the letters already being there. Poor Thomas keeps spinning Bankrupt and Lose A Turns, while Laura attempts to solve three different times with ‘ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR HAT’ (a good guess), ‘ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR LAP’ (bad guess) and ‘ANOTHER FEATHER IN YOUR MAP’ (WTF Laura?) and Christopher is busy guessing G’s and D’s. Admittedly, maybe not everybody is familiar with the phrase — Wheel Of Fortune isn’t for everyone you know. SPOILER: It’s for people who eat dinner at 4PM and go to bed immediately after the Bonus Round.