There's a glitch in the Matrix!
Wife Spots Husband’s Doppelganger At ATM

Note: Volume on, this lady is snort-laughing.

This is a video from a woman who spotted her husband’s doppelganger walking up and using the ATM right next to his unaware twin. Their builds, their backwards hats and camo shorts, their stance — everything is spot-on. I bet her husband actually did sense his doppelgänger’s presence but was afraid to look for fear of turning to stone. Or falling in love, it really could go either way. Me? If I ever met my doppelganger it would be a fight to the death, and, if that other me was anything like the real me, we’d both lose.

Thanks to JustA, for reminding me I actually did spot my doppelgänger at a SOJA concert in 2006 but by the time I finally made my way through the crowd to confront him he was gone.