"You can bite my ear all you want, I'm still gonna love you." -- Winston
Winston The Mini-Cow Constantly Tries To Kiss Trigger, A Horse That Doesn’t Like Him

This is a video of Winston the mini-cow persistently trying to win over the affections of Trigger, a horse that lives with him at the Delmar Farm horse rescue in Florida, but appears to want no part of Winston’s love. Per caretaker Claudia on their relationship (or lack thereof):

It was this dynamic between the two of them that I’ve never seen with any of my other horses where they were both so persistent. …You would think Winston would understand their body language by now but he’s very determined. However there’s a few horses here that have just fallen in love with him.

Persistence pays off, Winston — remember that. Well maybe in your case it will, but in mine it never has. In my case it’s only paid off in wasted time and regret. Now I’m more of a “Halfheartedly try once and abandon ship if it doesn’t happen” kind of guy.