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World’s First 9 Backflips On A Trampoline

Because there’s a first time for everything, these are two different angles of megaflipper Ernest Tramp performing the world’s first nine consecutive backflips (aka Nonuple Kaboom) on a trampoline, almost hitting the moon in the process. Damn, that’s a lot of flips. Some might argue too many, and I would be one of those people. I remember the first time I tried to do just one backflip in a bounce house. I still have a piece of tooth in my knee.

@flips_by_luca World’s first 9 Flips on a Trampoline😶 Credits: ernest.tramp #fy #fyp #viral #worldsfirst #sunset #flips ♬ Originalton – Flipsbyluca

@flips_by_luca The World’s first 9 Flips on Trampoline🔥🔥 Credits: ernest.tramp #viral #worldsfirst ♬ Originalton – Flipsbyluca