Pedals to the metal!
Creating A Tandem Bicycle Powered Car

Because dream it and you can achieve it, this is a video of the guys behind Youtube channel Life OD modding a Honda Civic to be powered by the tandem bicycle jutting out from where the car’s original engine used to be. They have a cruising speed of about 2MPH and even take the car through a McDonald’s drive-thru before eventually getting pulled over by the police, who just let them go with a WTF. Everybody in town seemed to love it though, and I’m sure these guys are local celebrities now. You know I was a local celebrity once. I climbed the town’s water tower one night and spray painted my name on it. “Yeah and spelled it wrong.” Mom! “Everyone still calls him Jony Spelling Bee.” The letters were so big they were hard to read and I forgot which one I was on.