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2.415 Miles: Guy Sets Record For Longest Distance Walked Barefoot On LEGO Bricks

In what the hell is wrong with you news, this is a video of competitive eater L.A. Beast setting a new Guinness World Record for further distance walked barefoot on LEGO bricks, with an incredibly painful 3,886.20-meters (12,750-feet, ~2.4148-miles, beating the previous record set by barefoot marathon runner Sonny Molina by only 16.36-meters, or ~53.7-feet). If you really want to be disgusted check out the footage of his feet after the feat(!) at 54:20. They’re…pretty torn up. Of course this is also the guy who ate four ghost peppers then sat in an ice bath and ate 10 potted cactuses complete with thorns, so it’s safe to say L.A. Beast is a special kind of person, just not the kind of special your mom hopes you ever bring home, or are even friends with.

Keep going for the video (remember: 54:20 to feel faint), as well as the cactus video in case you haven’t seen it.