Below: the first place winner.
2,400 Artists Create 2,400 Different Scenes Using The Same Base Animation

Visual effects designer Clinton Jones challenged 3D artists to create a scene rendering from their imagination, all using the same base animation of a human figure struggling to move forward. 2,400 different artists submitted animations, and the top five and top 100 were selected. The first video below is the top 100, but below that is a video OF ALL ALL 2,400 entries in a 2 hour and 44 minute video that I’m going to watch in its entirety tonight on the big screen with two bowls of popcorn and at least 64-ounces of soda. At least. Since Clinton asked each artist to also submit the amount of time they spent on their entry, that video represents 18 years of combined effort. 18 years! That’s hard for me to wrap my mind around. Of course it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around anything, because– “It’s in your skull.” Dammit, I’m a dad, aren’t I? Hey have you seen my kids?

Keep going for the videos, with the source animation appearing at the very beginning of the second video. Top five entry timestamps for the first video are: 1st – Stephen Grimm 1:32, 2nd – Klay Abele 0:22, 3rd – Julienne Aldric 8:37, 4th – Stefan Frank 2:12, and 5th – Pierson Edwards 6:22.