Twenty years passing in two minutes -- that's how I feel too.
7777 Days: Man’s Selfie-A-Day Video For The Last 21 Years

This is ‘7777 Days’, Noah Kalina’s selfie-a-day project that he’s maintained for the last 21 years, with all his faces perfectly aligned, upscaled to 4K, and averaged over the past two months by Michael Notter using machine learning systems. Some more info about what you’re actually watching:

…once the faces were upscaled and aligned, Michael looped through all of the images and averaged them with a sliding window approach: Each frame in the video shows the average face of the last 60 faces. Or in other words, each frame shows the ‘average Noah’ over the last 2 months. With a video frame rate at 60Hz, this means Noah ages in this video 2 month every second, or 10 years every minute.

I’m just impressed Noah has kept up with the project for so long. 21 years — my goodness. For reference, if I had done the same thing I’m pretty sure the video would start with a photo of a relatively small turd, and end with a giant piece of shit, which I can only assume is my final form. “Such high self-worth.” My life insurance only pays out in 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. “One item or your whole purchase?” What the hell do you think?