Crazy the 80's ended 32 years ago.
80’s Jams Played On A Variety Of Different Synthesizers

The 80’s: I was born in them. And to celebrate my birthday tomorrow (I’m going to be older than whatever came before dirt, unless you’re older than me, in which we’re still spring chickens, 120 is the new 30!), here’s a video of a bunch of tasty 80’s jams (including television and movie themes) performed on a variety of different synthesizers. It’s the perfect weekend playlist! I mean unless you hate the 80’s and synthesizers, in which case what’s wrong with you? This is the kind of music robots listen when they make love. Or at least that’s what the guy at the music store told me, and if you can’t trust a man who spends all day around instruments but plays ‘Stairway To Heaven’ like it’s the first time he’s ever held a guitar, who can you trust?