Below: last night from the boardwalk.
Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, I’ve done it — against all odds (and bets against me), I managed to get my ticket punched for another trip around the sun. It hasn’t always been easy, yet here I am. *shaking fist at heaven* IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT?! It’s my birthday today and I’m at the beach celebrating. Unfortunately, my OnlyFans was banned for being unfair to other male content creators, but if you really want to get me something feel free to send some space bucks my way through Venmo or PayPal ([email protected]). Thank you all for the support over the past year, it was certainly a doozy, but I can honestly say I feel the best I have in twenty years, which is a trip because I’d just come to accept feeling like life was dumpster fire speeding down a hill was going to to be the norm. Seriously, thank you all, from the very bottom of my partially crystalized, undead warlock heart.