Psst, Shaun -- where the mermaids at?
A Sea Slug That Looks Just Like Shaun The Sheep

This is in image of a leaf sea slug (Costasiella kuroshimae) captured by underwater photographer Alex Mustard, revealing its uncanny resemblance to Shaun The Sheep. I mean minus the peacock feathers. Honestly, I think it’s just the face. Some more info from Alex, including the animals deceptively diminutive size:

My little green friend. Like many photographers I have a love-hate relationship with Shaun the sheep slugs. These little sap-sucking herbivores make my eyes spin with their total cuteness, and my head spin when it comes to photographing them. They are much, much smaller than people expect, about 2-3mm long (1/16 inch). Once you get the photos on the computer you are in love over again. Their tiny bodies glow in the light and you can zoom in and enjoy all the details of this amazing looking mollusc.

Did you know leaf sea slugs eat plants but keep the chloroplasts functioning in its feathers, which continue to photosynthesize. That’s wild! Mother Nature, am I right? “What about her?” We should hold an intervention, it’s long overdue.