So it's made like a burger -- got it.
A Step-By-Step Video Detailing How A Big Mac Is Assembled

Ever wonder how a Big Mac is made? I just assumed a stork brought them like babies. APPARENTLY NOT. This is a TikTok video made by McDonald’s employee moon_man14 detailing the process, which is pretty much exactly what you’d expect, although he make the sandwich extra slow so you don’t miss anything. Normally this process is completed at around 500X this speed, which may explain why my last Big Mac was missing a top bun and the onions and pickles were just loose in the bottom of the box. You know, of all the fast food restaurants I would say Wendy’s has probably wronged me the least. McDonald’s is like a five, and one time I ordered in the drive-thru at Burger King and they closed the store before I got my food. I’m kidding, that never happened but I would like a free Whopper coupon before I change my mind.


Big Mac? I was slowing to show it off. Don’t come at me 😂😂 ##mcdonalds ##mcmanager ##fastfood ##yum

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