Hi I'm here for the all-you-can-eat wing buffet.
Alligator Unexpectedly Exits Its Exhibit During Feeding Time At Zoo

This is a TikTok video from The Reptile Zoo of Fountain Valley, California starring an alligator that jumps out of its enclosure during feeding time to get its hands claws jaws at some chicken sashimi. Man…if I had a dollar for every time I escaped my enclosure for some hot wings, maybe I could afford to trademark ‘maximum security’ so the government has to stop misnaming their prisons.

Keep going for the first video in Youtube and TikTok format, and the second only in Tiktok.


Well this wasn’t expected 😬 the questions is how does he get back in 😳 #alligator #animal #funny

♬ Comical and a little silly carefree music(831995) – Etsuo Kawasaki


Only one way out and only one way in 😂 luckily we raised Darth from a baby and he’s very mellow for a gator 🐊 ##reptile ##alligator ##darthgator

♬ The Magic Bomb (Extended Mix) – Hoàng Read