Mush, Catbus, mush!
Amazing My Neighbor Totoro Catbus Zoetrope

As a tribute to Hayao Miyazaki, this is a video demonstration of the My Neighbor Totoro Catbus zoetrope constructed by Twitter user marvelous media engine. The Catbus even has glowing headlight eyeballs. How about that! Although why is one of Totoro’s ears missing? I hope this isn’t a Humpty Dumpty sort of situation. I mean nobody really cares about Humpty Dumpty, but Totoro? Everybody wishes they had a neighbor like Totoro. Heck, I wish I had nothing but neighbors like Totoro. But nooooo, I’ve got the guy who used to let his dog poop in my yard because he didn’t want it in his yard. Although apparently he didn’t want it in his pool either, because he got a lot more mindful after I started lobbing all the turds in there hand grenade style.