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Free Detailing!: Automated Car Wash Floods Car

This is a video captured by TikTok user theshibshow of the passenger side footwell of her car getting flooded with soapy water while in an automated car wash. Now that is not an undercarriage cleaning I would pay extra for. *shrug* At least the carpet is clean. Of course if this had been my car I’d have a whole bunch of soggy fast food bags to throw out now, but probably wouldn’t. “Nothing a new pine tree air freshener can’t fix,” I’d tell myself.

@theshibshow what is happening… someone pls explain #carwashfails #sendhelplol ♬ original sound – shib

Note: TikTok video link HERE in case your browser is afraid you’ll try washing it.

Thanks to JustA, who agrees if you’re going to go through an automated car wash, at least make sure they use the rainbow colored suds.