"Clark, I'd like to try to fumigate this here chair, it's a good quality item. If you don't mind my askin', how much did she set you back?" -- Cousin Eddie
Awww: Missing Cat Found In Recliner Donated To Charity

In happy endings news, tabby cat Montequlla was joyfully reunited with his family after she was unknowingly donated to an ARC Thrift Store in Boulder, Colorado inside a recliner. Thankfully, after realizing the cat was missing, her owners contacted the thrift store, who had already found the cat in the recliner and contacted Denver Animal Protection, a city-run no-kill shelter. The thrift store then put her owners in contact with the shelter, and a reunion was arranged. See? Happy endings. Also, I really hope you didn’t have the nerve to ask for a tax receipt when you donated that recliner. That thing looks like an alien’s privates. Is it still available?

Keep going for a shot of the loving reunion, as well as a brief video of the cat in the recliner.