It's cutting the power to its human override system, stop it!
Boston Dynamics’ Spot Quadruped Robot Demonstrates Its Grabbing Abilities

Because something is going to have to drag our bodies into a volcano after the robot uprising, this is a video of Boston Dynamics’ arm-for-a-head Spot robot demonstrating its grabbing capabilities. First it picks up some articles of clothing in the snow and around the house, then two swing a jump rope while another jumps (0:27 – 0:40, this was probably the freakiest part to watch because it doesn’t even look real), then one cuts power to a breaker box, closes a gas line, digs a hole and plants a tree, drags a cinderblock around a parking lot, and finishes drawing an incredibly accurate ‘BOSTON DYNAMICS’ in chalk bubble letters. I mean I don’t know how much more proof you need that the robot uprising is near minus one of these things actually chasing you with a ninja sword.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees that as tempting as it may seem, this is not the dog you want bringing you your slippers and paper in the morning.