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Busted!: Ferret Caught In Beanbag Chair Spilling Balls Everywhere

Ferrets: they’re right up there with raccoons when it comes to troublemaking. Case in point: this ferret who decided to weasel his way into a beanbag chair and spill the balls everywhere and get himself covered with them as a result of static electricity. Some more info while I rub a balloon on my head, stick it to the wall, then try to convince at least one coworker it only works because I’ve been struck by lightning:

Borchy the carefree ferret opens the zipper to this bean bag, climbs inside and guts all the filler, making a huge mess in the process. The cleaning took a very long time!

Well at least he used the zipper instead of chewing a hole in the bag. I feel like that’s about the best you could ask for in this situation. You know, I had a beanbag chair not too long ago that, by the time my girlfriend made me throw it out “because it’s absolutely disgusting”, was more duct tape than it was actual fabric. *loudly* GOD I SURE MISS THAT CHAIR. *quietly* I still have it in the garage, but don’t tell her that or she’ll kill me.