"And for a little while I knew that I couldn't lose"
Heartfelt Song About Playing Video Games w/ Awesome Stop Motion Papercraft Video

From musician Jeremy Messersmith’s Mixtape For The Milky Way, this is the music video for ‘Video Games’, a song about growing up playing video games, and still playing video games, and what they meant to him then, and mean now. The music video created by Eric Power is fantastic, featuring a bunch of video games beautifully animated in stop motion papercraft form. And, for being a song about playing video games, I thought it was very touching. I mean I didn’t cry at the very end or anything, but– “He ran to the bathroom blubbering like a child.” Honey! “What?” You can’t keep telling these people my secrets, they look up to me like a mentor. “Even your little brother from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program doesn’t look up to you like a mentor.” He does make fun of me an awful lot.

Keep going for the video, it really is worth a watch.