Below: actual dog food, not bachelor chow.
Chef Recreates Fry’s ‘Bachelor Chow’ From Futurama

This is a video of chef Andrew Rea from Youtube channel Binging With Babish recreating the ‘Bachelor Chow’ that Fry eats in Futurama, making what’s basically a human-grade dehydrated dog food chow of a beef chuck roast and vegetables, that can be poured into a bowl and rehydrated with water for consumption. Weird, I see advertisements for human grade dog food pop up on my social media and targeted internet ads all the time. Although, honestly *chewing on Pup-Peroni* I assumed if you can keep it down without puking and the diarehha isn’t that bad, isn’t it all human-grade? I mean I eat alleged human-grade food regularly that gives me way worse diarehha than any dog food I’ve ever had. You know who you are! *makes heart-shaped symbol with hands over own heart, blows kiss at Taco Bell*