Cinnamoroll, no!
Clear Plastic Chair Designed For Packing With Stuffed Animals: Build-A-Chair

These are several shots of a clear plastic inflatable looking chair that isn’t designed to be filled with your labored breath and spittle — oh no, it’s designed for filling WITH STUFFED ANIMALS. Or maybe it’s just an inflatable chair somebody repurposed, I really don’t know because I just stumbled across it in an Instagram post and decided to run with it like stolen money. Just look at all those plushies in there, they look absolutely terrified, don’t they? I’M COMING FOR YOU, POOH. Don’t have enough stuffed animals to fill it? No worries, just use canned goods and dirty clothes from your hamper. I mean this was never going to end up a good looking or comfortable chair anyways, despite what you may have been thinking.