Death from above!
Close Calls: Slate Balcony Facade Falls From Building, Almost Hits Pedestrians

Because sure not making them like they used to is actually a good thing in a lot of cases, this is a video from Izhevsk, Russia of several slate sheets falling from the facade of a balcony above and almost hitting two women entering the building, while they make the minimal effort to get away. Take me now, Lord! Some more info while I start searching for a one-bedroom in a single floor apartment building:

“There was a collapse of a part of the facade of the balcony (sheets of flat slate) from the 4th floor of a 5-story residential building at Izhevsk st. Clubhouse 44. Fortunately, everyone is alive and there were no serious problems.”

There were no serious problems? The building is falling apart. Also, I like how the older woman who just left the building looks back to see what happened and pauses for a moment, presumably making a mental note to enter the building from the rear entrance upon her return. *shrug* I suppose you don’t live to be 200 without taking some precautions.