Nice now email me when you get some howling at the moon footage.
First Ever Collar-Cam Footage From A Wild Wolf

This is what is allegedly the first collar-cam footage from a wild wolf, captured by the University Of Minnesota’s Voyageurs Wolf Project after (I assume) tranquilizing and tagging a wild wolf. The Voyageurs Wolf Project’s goal is to better “understand the predation behavior and reproductive ecology (e.g., number of pups born, where wolves have dens, etc) of wolves during the summer.” Cool, cool, but could you not have come up with a better camera system? Most of the time the top two-thirds of the video is all wolf fur. I mean I’m not sure what I just watched. And where was Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother? And where were the Three Little Pigs? I mean if you want people to care about wolves you need to give them the footage they want to see.