Duck! Just kidding, LOL.
Dare To Dream: 42.6-Inches, The World’s Tallest Full Mohawk

This is a Guinness World Record video about Joseph Grisamore, who is the current record holder for world’s tallest full mohawk, with his impressive hawk pointing 108.2cm (~42.6-inches) skyward. Will he make it to four feet?! Only time will tell. Joe says it takes he and his wife about an hour and a half to get the mohawk to stand by themselves, but when working with his hairdresser and a crew, can achieve full hawk erection in about an hour. Joe also estimates it takes about two hours to wash his hair (some of which is almost six feet long), leading at least one blogger to speculate it probably isn’t washed that often. Could you imagine getting whipped in the face with all that hair? “Sounds like an erotic dream.” Wait, what?” “Mmmmm, don’t go, Bigfoot — just stay a little longer.” Freaky deaky!