What's that -- steer towards the rocks? Okay!
Would Crash Boat For Sure: Woman Sounds Like A Siren While Singing In Stairwell

This is a video of aspiring Disney princess voice actor Lauren Paley pretending to be a siren while singing a medley of ‘Jolly Sailor Bold’, Frozen 2’s ‘Secret Siren Call’, ‘Siren Song’ from the show Siren, and some Ariel from The Little Mermaid in her apartment building’s stairwell. Obviously, had I been a sailor and heard that coming from a nearby island, there’s no question I would have wrecked my boat on the rocky coast and perished. *polishing ghost hook hand* Yarrr, at least the scurvy didn’t get me. So like, I wonder what this girl’s neighbors think of stairwell concerts. Because I took a look at her Youtube channel and this isn’t her first stairwell rodeo — not by any means. Me? I make a little noise in my apartment complex ONE TIME and all of a sudden my neighbors are trying to get me evicted. “You were shooting off fireworks in the hallway.” ONE TIME. “And started axing a hole in your living room floor to install a fireman’s pole.” What’s wrong with that? “The family that lives below you?” Their kids would have loved it!