Thinking outside the box (in this case a coffin)
Deceased Drummer Tastefully Set Up Behind Drum Kit At Funeral Viewing

These are a couple shots and a video of the viewing of the late Brentnol “Bonny Brent”, aka Cabbage McPherson. Brentnol was a passionate drummer in life, so his friends and family decided this behind-a-drum-kid ‘staged presence’ tastefully arranged by Ontario, Canada funeral home Covenant Funeral Home was the right choice for his viewing. And I couldn’t agree more, it looks like he’s ready to break into a solo at any moment. I mean who wants to be looking all sleepy laying inside a casket? At my funeral viewing I want to be posed climbing into a circus cannon. Then I want the cannon wheeled outside and my body shot into the back of the hearse using twice the explosives necessary. Also I want to be buried face down because I hate sleeping on my back. Rest in peace, Brentnol, hope you’re hitting that great big cymbal in the sky.