Man, that octopus is going to be wasted.
Hand Blown Octopus Wine Decanter

This is an example of one of the handblown borosilicate glass octopus wine decanters crafted by Josh DeWall of Chicago-based Ignite Glass Studios. You can get a 500mL version for $600, or a 750mL version (which holds a full bottle of wine) for $950. So, you know, not as cheap as just buying a box of wine and emptying it into a punch bowl, but certainly cooler looking. Honestly, after a couple glasses of wine I’d be afraid to even touch the thing for fear of breaking it. Unless it’s not mine — if it’s not mine I’ll pick it up and try to spin it on a finger like a basketball. Truth be told, my girlfriend and I don’t get invited over for dinner and drinks a lot anymore. I’m starting to worry if our friends think she’s a stick-in-the-mud. “And it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with you setting Caroline and Dave’s living room curtains on fire?” I thought I saw a spider!