My God that's a good looking pizza.
Doctors Goes On Ultra-Processed Food Diet For 30 Days To See What Will Happen To Him

SPOILER: He dies. Just kidding. This is a video of doctor Chris van Tulleken, who previously averaged around a 20% ultra-processed food diet (food with added chemicals, color, sweeteners and preservatives) reversing the percentages and eating an 80% ultra-processed food diet for 30 days to see what will happen to him. SPOILER: No superpowers, but he does gain 6.5kg (~14.3-pounds), and develop new connections in his brain that link the rewards system with the areas that drive repetitive, automatic behaviors. So basically his brain tells him to eat garbage even when he doesn’t want it. Are these results accurate? I have no clue, although if you want to know what happens when a person eats a 100% ultra-processed diet for twenty-five years, scan my brain. Or at least what’s left of it. “It’s literally just an empty candy wrapper.” You should see my teeth.