$10 says my dogs would do this on purpose.
Dog Rings Doorbell, Barks At Itself Because Someone’s At The Door

Because dogs are totally nuts (I live with exhibits A, B, and C), this is a video of Dolly ringing her home’s video doorbell, then barking because someone’s at the door. It’s you, Dolly — you’re at the door! I swear, dogs are the best. Unless you’re a cat person, then cats are probably the best. I think we can all agree that humans don’t even make the top ten though.

@mari_hadalittlelamb Only my dog would ring our doorbell, look extremely confused, and then proceed to bark because "someone is at the door" 😂 Please understand the E-collar is only used for TRAINING purposes, Dolly is fine. #dogsoftiktok #fyp #confused #mydog #crazygirl #vivintdoorbellcamera ♬ original sound – Mariana Shablom

Thanks to JustA, who agrees when in doubt, bark at it.