The end nears.
Freaky Deaky 4-Legged Furby Mutant

These are a couple videos (a short one and a long one, the short one is probably already long enough though) of the 4-legged Furby abomination built by Youtubers Evan and Katelyn. I like how they wear Furby makes themselves as well. Clearly, this is a couple that likes to keep their freaky deaky levels at max. Me? I try to keep my freaky deaky level around a 7, or 8 on weekends. The body of the mutant is a fur-covered Unitree Go2 quadruped robot, with a Furby for a head. It’s unsettling to watch, and I can’t even imagine interacting with this robotic atrocity in real life besides throwing a Molotov cocktail at it from a safe distance.