*sigh* I miss eating out of a trough.
Donkey Donkey-Kicks At Steer To Keep It Away From Its Food

Because everyone gets hangry, this is a video from Victoria, Australia of Wallace the steer trying to move in on a donkey pal’s food and that donkey deciding now is not the time to be pals and donkey-kicking at Wallace to keep him — wait for it — at bray. Get it? “I’m not acknowledging that.” Fair enough. You know, I thought donkeys only did this in cartoons and Shrek, not real life. I’m not sure I’d be so mean to Wallace considering those horns on him, and I have no choice but to recommend investing in a pair of Yosemite Sam ‘BACK OFF’ mud flaps instead.

Thanks to Greg, who agrees no farmer wants to wake up to a horn in their ass’s ass.