Do screws next!
Driving On Tires Made Of 10,000 Nails

Proving that nails are much less dangerous to your tires when they’re made of them, this is a video of the automotive maniacs of Garage 54 driving a Mercedes G Wagon on custom tires made of incredibly long nails. They perform reasonably well in the snow, but quickly get bent to s#it driving on harder surfaces. And, being the responsible automotive experimenters they are, they assure the viewer they’ll backtrack with a magnetic sweeper to ensure they didn’t leave any nails behind that might pop traditional tires. TRUE STORY: I got a flat from a rogue nail a few weeks ago while my girlfriend and I were out running errands and I had the spare on and we were back on our way in like 15 minutes. I could tell she was impressed with how strong and capable a mate I was, then we went to the tire store and they quoted me $295 for a replacement and I cried like a baby and peed the seat in waiting room.