Circles -- how do they work?
Drone Footage Of The Chaos Caused By A New Traffic Roundabout In Rural Kentucky

Traffic roundabouts: they can be tricky. But mostly only if you’re a dog driving and can’t reach the pedals and look over the steering wheel at the same time to navigate the curve. This is some drone footage from a new traffic roundabout installed at a previous four-way stop at the intersection of Routes 60 and 801 in Morehead, Kentucky. As you can see, nobody seems to know how to navigate the devilish circle, with most motorists exiting the roundabout into oncoming traffic lanes. Of course the person at fault here is whoever thought installing a traffic roundabout in rural Kentucky was a good idea in the first place, and if there was a politician involved it’s a clear sign they have absolutely no concept of the people they were elected to represent and should be forcibly removed from office immediately. Traffic roundabouts — what is this, Europe? “The state?” Exactly.