Oh, it's a duck blur alright.
DuckTales Intro Recreated Using Only Stock Footage

This is a comparison of the original DuckTales intro and a remake created entirely from stock footage by Youtuber Matthew Highton, who we previously saw give Friends and Buffy The Vampire Slayer the same treatment. I’m not gonna lie, young me probably wouldn’t have been too impressed with the stock footage version. As a matter of fact, current me isn’t too impressed with the stock footage version. I want my money back. “But you didn’t pay anything.” My time is valuable, honey. “You spend fours a day in the bathroom.” Oh no you don’t — don’t you try to use my safe space against me!

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  1. Deksam

    I would go no to tell you about the tale of how I used to love watching Ducktales, but there is no tale to tell.