Now that's what I call...a sticky situation.
Dude, Your Soda’s On Your Car!

This is a video of a girl who met up with some friends in her high school parking lot for a little socially distanced get-together, and is leaving to leave with her soda on top of her car. That’s when another friend sees an opportunity, starts recording, and warns her about the soda, at which point she hits the brakes and the soda goes from being on top of the car to inside the car. That is unfortunate. I mean unless she’s the kind of person that likes licking soda from a vehicle’s interior, and, at least based on all my unanswered posts online, there aren’t many of us.

Thanks again to JustA, who, for three tips in a day, not only receives a gold star sticker, but fish Florentine made by yours truly for dinner.