Forget the television, come take a look at this handsome gent!
Four Cats Watch TV While One Stares In Mirror

Because some cat always thinks the song is about them, this is a video of a vain cat staring at itself in the mirror while its four friends watch a nature program on television. We all know that cat. And sometimes that cat is a person, and that person is my ex-girlfriend, Christina. She spent more time gazing in a mirror than the Evil Queen in Snow White. “Anything to not have to look at my company.” Wow, really? I thought were trying to be civil since– “Since what, we’re still unhealthily co-parenting the imaginary cat we had together?” Please tell me you remembered to feed him before work today.

Keep going for the video. And, admittedly, that is probably the best looking cat in the bunch.


Tell me your cat is vain, without telling me your cat is vain. I’ll go first. ##catsoftiktok ##fyp ##cats

♬ Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson